Tuesday, March 26, 2013

30 Day NaNoWriMo Meme


Here's the Tumblr 30 Day Meme that everyone fills out for the month of November.  It may be camp (and I'm not sure if there's a summer version - not that the change in month should really make a difference) but it should still work.  Feel free to use it, answer them in the comments section as I fill them out every day of April, or message me your answer on Tumblr.  Feel free to follow me on Tumblr as well.  If you message me about writing, NaNo, or this blog, I will follow you as well.  Good luck next month!

Day 1 - Have you participated in NaNoWriMo before?  If so, which years and what end result?  If not (or even if so, for that matter), what’s your connection to writing?  Why do you want to participate this year?
Day 2 - What’s the title of your story?  Why did you choose the name you did?
Day 3 - Pick one of your female characters.  Introduce your readers to her, from her point of view and her words only.
Day 4 - What genre is your novel?  Why did you pick it?
Day 5 - Name two songs from your playlist that you feel are connected with your novel in some way, and explain how they are.
Day 6 - What is your one biggest stressor related to forcing yourself to write at least 50,000 words in a span of 30 days?
Day 7 - Where’s your favorite place to hunker down and write?
Day 8 -List your current, most up-to-date word count.  Are you satisfied with your progress thus far?
Day 9 - Have you told anyone else you’re doing NaNo this year?  Who?  What was their reaction?
Day 10 - How does your love of writing manifest in non-NaNo months?
Day 11 - Ever tried collaborative writing (such as play-by-post roleplaying)?  If so, what do you think of it?
Day 12 - Imagine you’re behind in your word count goals (even if you’re not) and are going to pull an all-nighter to catch up.  Screencap a playlist of inspirational music you would use to get you up to speed.
Day 13 - Name a male character from your novel.  Describe him through the point of view and words of the female character you introduced in question 3 (if they never interact, pick another female character).
Day 14 - Is the sexuality of your characters a large part of your novel’s story?  If so, are there characters who deviate from the heterosexual “norm”?  In what way?
Day 15 - Do any of your characters have a disability or mental illness?  If so, how does that affect their development throughout your story?
Day 16 - At around the half-way point, it bears mentioning that most of us wrimos have other obligations beside simply hitting that elusive word count.  What else do you have going on in your life (work, school, children, neurotic pets, etc.), and just how much are you shafting it to win NaNo?
Day 17 - In what time period is your novel set?  Is it in this world or another?
Day 18 - Who is the antagonist in your novel?  What drives their actions?
Day 19 - Which authors or books have inspired your own writing the most, and why?
Day 20 - If you could meet one fictional character from any book you’ve ever read, who would it be, and why?
Day 21 - With about 10 days left to this arguably traumatic experience, what are your plans and goals for your novel, should you successfully complete it?
Day 22 - If you’ve participated in or won NaNo before, what happened to your other novel efforts?  Still in the revision process/querying publishers/scrapped it immediately/etc.
Day 23 - Do animals play any part in your story?  If so, how do they add to it?
Day 24 - Is religion featured in your novel at all?  If so, which ones?  If it’s/they’re your own creations, describe it/them and how it/they play(s) a part in your characters’ lives.
Day 25 - What are the names of at least two of your main characters?  How did you choose their names?
Day 26 - Was any research involved (historical or otherwise) in your NaNo prep? 
Day 27 - What’s your word count now?  Are you satisfied with your progress or panicked that you won’t have enough time to finish by November 30?
Day 28 - Name one thing you shafted all month in favor of participating in NaNo.
Day 29 - Name one thing in which you indulged as a treat to keep yourself motivated and writing that you wouldn’t otherwise have done.
Day 30 - Share a link to either your NaNo profile or a location on the internet where your story can be found.  If someone offered to beta read for you, would you be willing to do the same for them during the subsequent editing process?

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