Saturday, March 2, 2013

YoCW has begun!!!

I'm sad that I didn't get to spend "Read Across America/Dr. Seuss" Day (yesterday) reading to kids at the library or some other social function.  Instead, I did sneak away for a moment and read from my current book, Only the Innocent by Rachel Abbott.  It's a fantastic book that has a touch of intrigue mixed with mystery and suspense. It has been a fun read thus far but I haven't been able to get too into the book with the things that have been going on.

I have started another exciting year at the YoCW (Year of Continuous Writing) Project.  This time, I intend on trying my best and keeping writing at the forefront of my priority list.  A small (but growing -- apparently it has grown leaps and bounds since it's inaugural year, last year) group of writers band together to support each other in the same goal: Make this year the most prolific, fruitful year of writing ever!

Yesterday, I wrote a measly 2k.  I am hoping to surpass that today but my schedule is full.  I have decided that waking up an extra half an hour or hour should provide me with even more quiet writing time.  After 9 PM, when Jake's granddad goes to bed, I can also get a couple of hours in front of Microsoft Word or Scrivener.  

As of late, writing has been my hobby.  But this year, I'm hoping to make writing my career.  With that in mind, I have dedicated this year at YoCW to improving and honing my craft and pumping out some great short stories and a novel or two...,or four, if I really knuckle down!  Wish me luck!

Today's prompt:

You haven't fed the goldfish in days.  The goldfish are revolting!

Can you see the malice in his eyes?!!!


  1. Argh! 2k isn't measly in the slightest bit!

    1. I suppose I shouldn't balk at it. Especially considering I haven't written as much since. >_<