Thursday, February 28, 2013

“You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.”

~ Ray Bradbury

Breaking News...

Jake's grandfather is back home from the rehabilitation center, which means a lot of things.  First, that means that he's done a lot of recovery since he went into the hospital.  He can walk again (though he is still very weak) and he can help feed himself.  They are both very slow processes but we are all very patient with him.  As for me, I feel like he accomplishes little victories everytime he does something for himself and when he walks with us or stands up by himself.

It also means that (since he needs a lot of assistance), homelife just got a  tad more complicated.  It's day two since he's been back and we're already developing a schedule (which is so awesome).  We are working on a routine for him so that he can get the most out of his day.  I am developing a routine for myself (it resembles the summer routine that I had when I was here last summer - get up, clean the kitchen, sweep, mop, dust, coffee, write, make breakfast, help with meds, etc.).  The health care specialists and therapists from Caring Hearts are supposed to stop by today to see what he needs from home and see about getting a therapy routine for him as well.  Although it may not seem exciting, the family is very excited.  I have to admit, I am thrilled and excited as well.  

The most recent news is that Jake's aunt is going back home, which means that Jake and I will be here with his grandparents by ourselves (alone for only a week though).  While last summer, that wasn't a problem at all (I would go with Jake's grandmother while he stayed at home with his granddad), it's a bit more complicated now that it takes two people to help his granddad move around, changed, and other daily ritual things.  We'll make it work though.  Just as long as we keep our priorities straight, it should work out fine.  Anyway, the dormatory will be in full effect soon.  We're anticipating a visit from Jake's cousins, aunt, and Jake's dad as well.  I'm excited to see everyone and for everyone to see just how far Jake's granddad has come since his stint at the hospital a couple months ago.  It was looking pretty bleak when he came out of there but now it's a whole new story.

In addition to all that, I'm also going to be "home" a lot more which means that I'll be at my computer doing frequent writing sprints.  I will no longer be able to write for sprints longer than two hours but if I plan it right, I should be able to get some good word slinging in.  My goal for now is to get at least one short story done every week and to continue to work on my novel idea (working title: Holland Manor).  I really want to title it with a pun on the word manor.  "Manor of Speaking" or "Family Manors" or something...

Wish me luck!

Today's prompt:

Base a short story on the phrase "There's more than one way to skin a cat"

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hibiscus Flowers in the Rain

It's been raining here in "sunny" Florida.  The past couple days have reminded me of home sweet home in the Pacific Northwest.  It's been very inspiring.  I feel like flinging words like there's no tomorrow.  There's something about grey skies that really gets my creativity going.  Grey skies and the pitter patter of rain drops on the tin roof over the patio.  

In other news, Jake's granddad has a new roommate.  Broken wrist.  He seems pleasant enough, even though he's apparently hard of hearing.  The TV is on so loud that I can't hear myself think.  Lucky for me, I think The Producers is on.  It could be worse.  It could be Elmo's World...  Not to mention, the new roommate is pretty witty and clever.  That's pretty inspiring as well.  

I have two long term projects that I have been working on: a satirical piece of historical fiction (with a dash of James Bond and a splash of Sherlock Homes) and a humorous (at least that's my intention) adventure story with a lovable group of outcasts and a look at how we treat the elderly in modern day American society.  My self-diagnosed ADD keeps me from locking down only one project at a time.  I figure that focusing on two, very different projects should come in handy because no matter what mood I'm in, I will be able to work on one story or the other.  Now my only problem is staying focused on these long term projects when the distraction of short stories (my first love) is constantly pulling at my attention strings.  Oo, look!  Shiny!

Oh my is it that I've never watched The Producers before?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Caching Florida

Knot a Pine #13
On our way home from the Health Center of Pensacola Jake, Tigre and I often hit a couple cache spots.  It's helped us explore the streets of Pensacola a bit and learn a few basic geocaching tricks.  We rarely get to go exploring deep in the woods but it's still fun.  I love the feeling of finding a tiny container and signing our name on the logsheet.

The "treasures" that we find aren't anything to write home about but I still like to trade items when we can.  We've gotten mardi gras beads, army men, plastic footballs, bracelets, scissors, etc; we've left firemen figurines, army men, bracelets, money, McDonald's toys, and Burping Tuna stickers.  It's not about the treasure though.  It's about honing my ninja skills and it's about the journey.  It's about exploring the town that we're vacationing in.  It's about feeling the orange, clay-rich dirt on our fingertips.  It's about looking amongst the Florida flora.  It's about the things that we experience on the way.  Teamwork. 

Cantonment is A-1
We're looking forward to coming back home and hunting around our hometown.  Camping and hiking are our favorite passtimes.  Caching in the beautiful woods of the Pacific Northwest will soon be on that list as well.  The excitement will be the same but the feeling will be different.  Geocaching in the Washington rain should be a unique experience for sure.

Newest short story prompt: 

What kind of treasures do you find while geocaching?

The worst

I'm having a fantastic day.  I'm feeling inspired.  I have an ice cold can of sugar free Red Bull at my side.  It's beautiful outside...  The worst part about today is my uncomfortable wrist pain in my right arm.  I have on a brace while I'm typing away but I don't like to keep it on for long.  What's worse than a writer developing an allergic reaction to caffeine? happening to my wrist.  That's what's worse.

Today's writing prompt:

Watch a half an hour of TV and examine the commercials closely.  Use one of them as inspiration for a new story.

Ready, set, go.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Follow the Yellow Brick...

Jake and I have been geocaching so that I can get my big booty out, into the real world, and off of my computer.  Well, that's not all true considering I use my new Windows phone to navigate but it's as close as I'm going to get.  Baby steps.   

Tomorrow is our day off which means Jake wants to go hunting for gun shops and I want to go hunting for..., Tupperware out in the middle of the woods.  As uninterested as I am in firearms (I know I will kick myself in the upcoming zombie apocalypse), this will probably be a good experience for me.  I don't know much about guns and being knowledgeable will be good for upcoming projects, stories, and the occasional mugging.  Research counts as writing, right?

I will admit, I have been less dedicated about writing.  I fully intend on remedying this today by spending the rest of the today writing up a storm.  I will sling words.  Believe me, adverbs will fly...