Thursday, August 9, 2012


I believe that the world is a more peaceful place when I stay inside my writer bubble and don't let anyone else in.  Of course, that world wouldn't be very interesting.

Artists are silly people.  They pour their hearts and soul into everything they do, then place it in full view of the world.  If they let you in to see their work before it's finished.  Now that' something.  To be able to see something in its raw form.  It's a very special moment.  A very vulnerable moment.  They must think very highly of you if they let you into their bubbles like that.  You should cherish their vulnerability.  It's a critical moment as well because the feeling of vulnerability that they allow upon themselves is immense and can be overwhelming.  Don't take advantage of that.

Writers are artists.  They create visual works that are meant to stimulate the mind.  They create beautiful works and well as grotesque pieces as well.  They pour just as much of their hearts and souls into their work as painters and and other traditional artists do. 

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