Friday, August 10, 2012


I’ve seen some of the most creative methods for getting a desired result from parents.  I’ve also seen the opposite from parents, but that’s for a different day.  I’ve decided to condition myself using some of these methods as well.  As the days go on in Florida, my motivation for anything seems to have dwindled.  Although I still get things done, I do so with spite and disinterest.  Yes, I know…, that’s just a part of growing up.  However, I like being happy while I do things.  Call me crazy.  Anyway, I thought to myself, “Self, how will you motivate your kids to do their chores when you become a mom?”  My answer?  A “chore” reward chart.  Mine looks like this:

Dishes (wash and put away)
2 minutes on tumblr
Clean off kitchen counter
2 minutes on facebook
Set up coffee pot
Cup of coffee (okay, this one was kind of silly)
Sweep and spot mop
2 minutes on the NaNoWriMo forum
1 cup of tea
Pledge furniture
1 can of Zero Carb Red Bull
Get something ready to be turned in to Critique Group
Upgrade the Red Bull to a sugar free

1k of progress
2k of progress
Dessert with dinner
3k of progress
1 episode of “How I Met Your Mother”
4k of progress
1 episode of “Firefly”
5k of progress
Movie Nite (fill popcorn bucket)
6k of progress
Game Nite with Jake
Blog Post
30 minutes of reading

Most of the tasks weren’t really chores but writing goals that I need to accomplish.  I allowed myself less than 10 minutes of INTERNET time, hoping that would get me to be more productive.  Most of my rewards have to do with caffeine, which makes me happy and more productive.
I do this type of thing every day but I do it subconsciously.  "If I can write just one more page, I'll take a tumblr break."  However, seeing it on paper, reminds me of my goals and what I want to really achieve today.  It makes it seem more real.  What are your productivity techniques?  What do you do to keep yourself motivated?

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  1. This is excellent! :) I've been terrible about any kind of discipline lately, especially when it comes to the internet, and have been wanting to put together my own "chore" (better: "reward") chart. My kids need one, eventually, but I should use one first so they get the idea, right? ;)

    Good job, Joy! Gold star! ;)