Thursday, July 26, 2012

Status Update

It has been a crazy and hectic week..  Because I have been in and out of the house so much lately, I haven't gotten a chance to really sit down and write.  I've decided that if I really want to make writing a career, I have to create a portable writing station.  At the minimalist level, a pen and notebook should do just fine.  But because I am a child of this technologically sound century, I have decided that old school paper will not be enough.

My Swiss Gear laptop case now carries:
  • my laptop
  • laptop accessory pack
  • multimedia storage pack
  • laptop fan
  • notebook
  • 3 pens (orange, blue, and black)
  • Post-Its of various shades of the rainbow
  • headphones
  • snackies
This baby's going to go with me everywhere and I will...

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