Thursday, August 30, 2012

So no sh*t, there I was...minding my own business, when out of no where I hear a voice that seemed to come out of no where: "If you are on the American Airlines flight from Pensacola to Miami, you're flight has been rescheduled because of mechanical issues.  If you have a connecting flight in Miami, you will miss it.  I will call you up, one by one, as soon as I can book you a new flight."

In light of this change of plans, our writing prompt has to do with flying:

You're on a plane, seated between a man in a Hawaiian shirt holding a camera and a man handcuffed to a briefcase.  You suddenly remember one of their faces from the file on your desk at work....

My flight was rescheduled for tomorrow.  Wish me luck!  When I get back, we're going camping for the weekend for one quick vacation, and then straight into work. the next day (or even perhaps the night we get back from camping).

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