Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, amirite?

I am saddened to say that the events as of late have been keeping me from my blogging duties.  I hope to be more active on both "On the Writing Front" and my tumblr page. 

Along with my deepest apologies (not to mention excuses), I am also offering a link to a wonderful creative prompt blog called Dragon Writing Prompts.  It's a wonderfully whimsical site that I use often when I am feeling uninspired or need a boost of creativity.  With the blogger's permission, I will be posting a few of the prompts that appeal to me the most.  Unless, of course, she says no.  In which case, I will sob in my pillow, eat some chocolate, and chug some Sugar Free Red Bull.  Who knows, I may just do those last two things anyway.

But for now, I may be absent for a few more days until I get settled in Washington again.  I will be camping next week and, after that, starting a "new" job.  Although I will not be working for a publisher (as I had hoped), my "new" job will allow me plenty of time to write.  So that'll be good. 

Anyway, in my absence, know that I am sending you my most creative writery vibes, in your writing endeavors.  I am with you in spirit.  Not in a weird, stalker way.  More, in a motivational, hot, cheerleader way.  Rah rah!

~ iScribe

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