Saturday, July 14, 2012

Short and Sweet

Here, my fellow word miners, is the first prompt of the day.  I hope that it helps inspire you and your characters today.

Short & Sweet 
Create an inherently likable character in 250 (150 if you want a challenge!) words or less. Do so however you see fit: a scene, dialogue, monologue, sentence, whatever. No pictures of course. Good luck!
Once you have that written, try writing about this character from another perspective and write the other 250 (or 150) words to round it up!
If you don’t want to create a character, take one of your characters and try to do this! 

This prompt was originally found here.  It is an awesome tumblelog, by the way, that posts daily prompts that are creative and fun.  Good luck, guys!


  1. MC

    I don’t know how exactly the shaft was handed to me, but I sure took it and ran. There is a blurb in our history lessons that everyone else was once like me; that I would have been considered “average”. But when your talents are limited to “can add and subtract, and doesn’t trip over his own feet — much”, and that is considered just about infantile, you kind of wonder if your lot in life was merely to be an object lesson to others.

    But, I can’t really complain. Other than the occasional bullying by the Brawn, or being made fun of by the Brains, I have it pretty good. My parent-guardians take care of me and want the best for me, but I can’t help but believe they’re frustrated by my inability to perform. At least my body has not rejected the nanites — it’s just not . . . functional. Apparently, that’s so rare as to be unheard of. Usually, one’s body rejects the nanites, or is deemed incompatible before even receiving the injections. I have received all four — by no virtue of my own, but through the pull of my influential parents — but no dice. Usually, you never hear from the rejections after they’ve been rejected. They’re usually only referred to as “collaterals” by the successful augmentees. I feel enormously fortunate that they did not make me one of them. And yet . . . I can’t help but feel like I would have been better off.

    1. I wonder if I could have used "usually" a few more times. :p At least I didn't let my inner editor get in the way this time. Positive thinking. :)

  2. Sally skipped through the living room, her blond pig tails swung in rhythm. The yellow rain jacket that she incessantly wore squeaked as her arms rubbed against her sides.

    “Don’t leave the front yard!” she heard her mother call from the kitchen. She reached up and grabbed the front door knob with both hands, twisting it until she could pull the door open.

    As she made her way outside, she noticed some movement in the apple tree that dominated the front yard. Thinking it was more robins for her to gawk at, she tip-toed up to it to take a gander but what she found was much more interesting than a couple of robins. What she found was a kitten. It mewed at her as she stared at it from the base of the tree.

    “Are you th-tuck?” Sally called up the tree. “Ith otay, widdle titten. I’m good at twiming twees!”

    Sally grasped for the lowest branch, using it to pull herself up. She kept at it, slowly making her way up the tree to save the kitten. Her glittery, red Wizard of Oz shoes teetered on every branch. Her dainty fingers barely making it to the next one.

    “I’m almotht there…” Her voice sounded strained as she maneuvered through the branches.

    “It was just a little robin,” the kitten thought. “All I wanted to do was play with it.” He mewed loudly at the enormous and menacing creature making its way up the tree. His voice was small and meek, reminiscent of the creature stalking it. “Is this what it felt like for the robin? I swear I didn’t want to hurt it! I’ll never do it again!” he mewed desperately. “Mew, mew, mew!” All he could do was watch as it got closer and closer until…

    “Sally!” a voice called from the front porch. “Sally, I made you a Nutella sandwich!” Her mother held her hand up to shield her eyes from the sun and spotted her red shoes in the tree. “Sally, get down from there and have your lunch!”

    The large creature suddenly stopped and began to make her way down to the ground.

    “Saved by Nutella,” he mewed.