Saturday, January 12, 2013

Slow and steady...

While getting the rest of my schedule squared away, my writing has been suffering.  It's been slow going but moving none the less.  I have decided to work on a haunted house story for January.  It feels magnificent to start a new project but I am feeling a bit...restless.  Despite my winning NaNo during my first year, I am still used to writing short stories, which means that after a few thousand words I'm usually used to swapping projects.

I have decided that while in Florida, I should take advantage of my free time and pick up Stephen King's schedule. [see previous postRight now I am reading a book by Chuck Palahaniuk.  Let's hope that the next time I post, I will have tore through that and have started another book.  Let's also hope that everything has gone according to plan and I will have punched out a short story tomorrow and continued on with my haunted house story afterwards.

Happy writing, folks!

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